Best Beginner Road Bike


Are you interested in starting with cycling? Then you should also be asking what is the best beginner road bike for you? When I was looking for my first bike and that was over 20 years ago and my only goal is to find a bike that I can use to ride around with my friends and also for a little exercise and lastly, I want to find an affordable bike. After more than 20 years of engaging into cycling I have already come up of tips on how to choose the best beginner road bike. Get more information about best beginner road bike.

First of all, you have to think how you would like to use your bike and then you also have to consider the categories of bikes that are listed below:

Mountain Bikes – This type of bike is created for off road, Some of the activities that you can do with this bike are traversing in rocks and washouts, it can even go on steep declines, dirt trails, logging roads as well as other pavement environments. If you like off road, then you have to choose mountain bike due to the fact that it has many gear that you will use while on off road.

Cruiser Bikes – Most often, this type of bike has single or has very few gears. It has big tires and big seats which allows comfortable riding position. Do you want to have a relaxed paced when riding? Whether it is a gravel paths or even paved the best way to go is to buy the cruiser. You have to understand that the cruise is not the best if you want to ride fast clip or even go for a long ride. The big seats are not perfect for aggressive riding and can often cause chafing when you try to ride hard. For more information about the Best Mountain Bikes Under 200, follow the link.

Comfort/Hybrid – This bike is designed for all purpose and can go on any type of surfaces, paved, unpaved. It also has a combined features from a road bike and also mountain bike. It also includes alternatives such as city bike, cross bike or commuter bike. If you want to have the cruiser bike but you need to have gears for up hills, then comfort bike is the best for you.

Road Bikes – This type of bike is built for speed and for paved roads. These are the type of bikes that is perfect for long distance riding or for strenuous riding on pavement. But you have to know that you will be more of a hunched over position. If you want to have a quality road bikes, then you have to know that it can be pricey as compared from an entry level bikes. If you want long rides, then road bike is the perfect bike for you.


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